Coconut Grating Machine

Coconut Grating Machine
Coconut Grating Machine
Product Description
Coconut Grating Machine is blessing to people. It takes out white pith of the coconut from the hard shell and converts into soft granular powder for easy eating for children and even for old men without teeth. 1/2 HP single phase motor drives the machine. With good practice, 1 person can extract and empty out 50-60 coconuts in one hour. In India it is called "KHAMAN". This machine is highly useful to make Desiccated coconut which is widely exported to Europe. 

A lot many coconuts are offered at temples as a faith of worship to God. So coconuts are broken in to two pieces but there is a big problem how to take out white pith of the coconut from the hard shell of the coconut. So coconut is broken in to pieces and using knife, people can hardly separate and take out pieces of white coconut. This machine has solved this problem not only to separate white pith from hard shell, but i makes granular powder instantly. So children and old age people can enjoy fresh coconut granular KHAMAN in direct eating and also in cooking of various recipe.

There is a huge crop of coconut throughout the world. So there is a huge scope of thousands and millions of such machines  throughout the world. Machine is very cheap. But processed granular KHAMAN is of very high value. So women can earn good money from this home industry.

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