Solar Concentrators - Solar Baskets

Solar Concentrators - Solar Baskets
Product Description

Main Benefits of Solar Concentrators, Solar Baskets

(1) Completely folding design.
(2) Foundations in ground not required up to 30 sq mt basket.
(4) It is not necessary to find out north south direction in our solar basket.
(5) No latitude of the location is  necessary to know.
(6) No any seasonal adjustment required.
(7) 100% aperture area is utilized all the time.
(8) The cost  is only 30 to 40% of the cost of equivalent solar concentrators.
(9) Space requirement is only half of other solar concentrators.
(10) Our solar baskets have manual tracking device. Only one person can handle manual tracking for 5 baskets.
On the whole, solar baskets are highly user-friendly and any layman or illiterate person can operate it with one day training.

Uses of Solar Concentrators, Solar Baskets

Various applications are as under:-
(1) Mass cooking in student hostels, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, temples, marriages, food caterers and food business, army camps, refugee camps, jails, religious and social organizations etc.
(2) For crop drying, need to be dried to remove moisture as part of the production process.
(3) Mercerizing, drying and finishing in textile industry.
(4) Drying, dissolving, thickening, leaching and distillation in chemical industry.
(5) Cooking, drying and canning in food industry.
(6) Craft pulping, bleaching and drying in pulp and paper industry.
(7) Drying and cleaning in leather industry.
(8) Heating and cooling in milk dairy industry.
(9) Heat treatment process in mechanical components.
We are able to supply 10 sq mt, 30 sq mt, 60 sq mt or 120 sq mt solar basket in 5 to 6 weeks. Erection time will take about one to ten days.

10 sq mt basket cost US$ 2200/- Heat power for 6 hours 28KWH i.e. 23000Kcal.
30 sq mt basket cost US$ 6600/- Heat power for 6 hours 84 KWH i.e. 70000Kcal.
60 sq mt basket cost US$ 12800/- Heat power for 6 hours 160 KWH i.e. 130000Kcal.
120 sq mt basket cost US$ 22000/- Heat power for 6 hours 300 KWH i.e. 250000Kcal.

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