Tiny Potato Wafer Plant

Tiny Potato Wafer Plant
Tiny Potato Wafer Plant
Product Description

Potato Wafer is a very simple product. But millionaires and billionaires have monopolized this simple product by establishing automatic huge capacity wafer plants. And market has been captured all over India by advertisements. They make very small attractive and costly packing for a few gram wafers only. So this is a highly exploitative business. People are misguided by attractive packing only and brand name becomes popular. In fact such giant potato plants are wasting huge quantity of plastic material in packing and it spoils environment every where. So this giant potato wafer plant is very big evil.

But there is a pleasant alternative. Very small automatic wafer machines are available in market which work on 1 HP single phase motor. 3 such machines working in series make complete tiny potato wafer plant.
First machine is Potato Peeling Machine. It removes the skin of the potato very fast automatically.
Second machine is Wafer Cutting Machine which cuts potatoes in to thin slices of desired thickness automatically.
Third machine is Wafer Dryer Machine which removes the moisture and water from the wafers very fast automatically.
all the above 3 machines are made of stainless steel and works very fast automatically.
Only you have to feed potato or wafer into these machines manually. Discharge is automatic in all the 3 machines.
And after drying the wafer in the third machine, you have to fry potato wafer into oil manually in a big frying pan which is done traditionally with simple cheap equipments.
Then you can pack the ready wafer to sell in 1 kg simple packing in plastic. So this is the real wafer to be promoted manufactured at small scale level.
Above tiny potato wafer plant requires investment of only Rs. 1.6 lakhs in 3 machines. You can add packing machine if desired. So total investment is only Rs 2 lakhs. Such small wafer plants should be promoted by the people in every village where potato is produced. It will process 1000 kg of potato and make 300 kg of ready to eat potato wafer in 10 hours time. Total power requirement is 3 HP single phase only. About 10 people will work in all the process and about 700 to 800 sq ft area is required. This is really swadeshi potato wafer technology.
When solar energy becomes wide spread in farms for water pumping, same solar panels will work to drive above three machines free of cost. So sooner or later, these tiny potato wafer plants will run in farms and potatoes will be processed in to wafers in the farms. This will be ideally suitable for rural economy and farmers will get higher income from potato wafers. So farmers should not sell potatoes. Instead they should make wafer in the farms and get very high income.

Millions of tonnes of potatoes are produced in all the countries of the world. So there is a huge scope of thousands of such tiny potato wafer plants.

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